Cannabis is linked with many scientific fields. First one has to do, without a doubt, with its medical usage. First enterprises of Israeli scientist Rafael Mechoulam allowed discovering the different plant components known as cannabinoids. The main one is, naturally, THC or Tetrahidrocannabinol, responsible for its psychoactive but therapeutic effects.

Since then a saga begun that led to the discovery of CBD (cannabidiol) as important as it is therapeutic, and of many other cannabinoid compounds.

PBut, at the same time, specific receptors on the nervous system have been discovered for these substances and cannabinoids generated by said nervous system naturally like Anandamide. So Cannabis plant, at the end of the XX century, came to be known as a big deal, as it produces a type of substance generated by the human body itself and all mammals, and when, for any reason, there is a lack of it causes problems such as epilepsy.

Science related to cannabis is being investigated on many medical fields. Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, among other diseases are being researched on their link to cannabinoids.

At the same time, Cannabis farming opens many doors on a matter of agricultural research. Irrigation, biotechnologies such as micro-propagation, efficient solar energy usage and biological control without the use of pesticides are some of the areas which its development comes along with the legal production of cannabis.