Montevideo Cannabis Museum

What the hell is it?

MCM is a space to celebrate human freedom. It´s also a space to celebrate biological diversity. And is also a museum, where you can discover the myriad of uses that Cannabis sativa has given to Homo sapiens.

It is also a house where you can stay and where Uruguayan popular music, from rock to candombe developed. It is a place to celebrate a positive globalization, to meet different cultures and celebrate that differences in respect and love.

It is a way of understanding Uruguay, the most free country in the world. It is a way of understanding that we need to fall in love with nature again if we want to survive. Built with the generous collaboration of the Hash and Hemp Museum of Amsterdam it is a permanent invitation to know Uruguayan culture, drink mate, listen the best Uruguayan music, enjoy the best coffee shop in the country and have interesting conversations.

And very important for us: it is a place where the promotion of scientific research and the promotion ot innovators will be perpetual. We dream with a world where Cannabis can be used as a cure for many problems of the health of people and of the health of society.